In the News:
Harinama Recognized As Tucson's Best

by Sandamini devi

Posted September 30, 2009

Photo: A small group of Tucson devotees chanting on 4th Avenue in Tucson, Arizona

In Tucson, as with many towns across the country, there is a "best of the city" publication put out each year informing its citizens of the best place to eat, take a day trip or go for adventure. Over the past 18 years Govinda's has won numerous awards centred around the delicious and popular prasadan restaurant, but we were surprised when this year's Best of Tucson results were published this week.

In the "Best City Excursion with the Kids" category it was noted that a walk down trendy 4th Avenue, complete with entertainment provided by the Hare Krishnas, was the best clean fun the city had to offer. The article mentioned that with the right timing, you could catch the Hare Krishnas' parade down the street, with devotees drumming and singing with smiles on their faces for the wellbeing of all who witness the event.

We may not know the full impact of this simple instruction given to us by Srila Prabhupada, but if we carry it out faithfully, we will be pleasing Krishna and -- who knows? -- the eyes of the world may be on us.