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ISKCON President On Hunger Strike

reposted from Sangai Express, Imphal

Posted November 19, 2010

Following accusations of misuse of temple funds, ISKCON Manipur president Ajit das, along with some other devotees, has launched a fast-unto-death stir, demanding the resignation of GBC Gopal Krishna Goswami demanding his immediate resignation who reportedly made the allegation of fund misuse first.

Speaking to the Sangai Express, Ajit das said that GBC Gopal Krishna Goswami took blind allegations made by one Eknath das of the northeast regional governing council about misuse of temple funds. Taking the words of Eknath das, Gopal Krishna Goswami asked Ajit das to resign from his post yesterday.

However, Ajit das maintained that he has no qualms to give up his post if concrete evidence can be produced against him for misuse of funds. "But I would not resign because of some baseless allegations," Ajit das said. "Even though Gopal Krishna Goswami was appointed GBC more than a year back, he has not visited ISKCON Imphal even once and, as such, he has no idea about the activities of ISKCON Imphal."

He said that the fast-unto-death stir was launched demanding his resignation, to teach Gopal Krishna Goswami a lesson.

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