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Inauguration of Bhaktivedanta College's Library


Posted May 29, 2009

"Welcome, everyone, to the opening ceremony of our library at Bhaktivedanta College," said Jaya Krishna Dasa, the Administrative Director of the college, on Sunday, May 17th. "We are very happy that after one and a half years, we can now use this part of our building and give our students a nice place to concentrate on their studies."

The ceremony marked a big step in the college's history, which was reflected on the happy faces at the inauguration. Recently, the college staff began using its new offices, which are on the floor below the library. The library, with 6000 books, provides an orderly environment for study, and the offices provide space for nine staff members.

The ceremony began with a kirtan led by Gopinatha, a second-year student from Bengal, and a procession that followed Srila Prabhupada's murti from the old library to the new one.

Sesa Dasa, ISKCON's Minister of Education, cut the ceremonial ribbon and later said that it takes foresight and courage to invest in education in ISKCON. He called the building the "physical manifestation of the sacrifice the devotees have been making the last eight years." He described the college as "a place where students can come to fulfill their dreams and which I can visit to fulfill my dream of teaching ethics to attentive students."

Yadunandana Maharaja, the College Principal, thanked all who contributed to the building. He thanked Vishnu Murti Dasa for being a key figure in the founding of the college at Radhadesh. He then thanked the teachers, students, and trustees, and he offered special gratitude to the donors Mahaprabhu, Syama Gopal, and Jaya Krishna.

Hrdaya Caitanya Dasa, the temple president of Radhadesh and a trustee of Bhaktivedanta College and a GBC, mentioned the importance of educating ISKCON's youth. He mentioned the outstanding services of Jaya Krishna Dasa and Yadunandana Swami.

Yadunandana Swami, Sesa Dasa, Mahaprabhu Dasa, and Hridaya Caitanya Dasa gave short talks.

Mahaprabhu Dasa, who initially proposed including the new library above the offices and donated for the library, said, "I feel happy and honored that I could be instrumental in this wonderful opening, and I hope that the students will use the library very often, very wisely, and keep it very, very clean. I also hope that I can pass many moments here studying, looking through the books that we have collected through the years." The ceremony concluded with a variety of ice cream.

The next day, the future of Bhaktivedanta College was discussed at the annual trustees' meeting. Bhaktivedanta College has been operating since 2002 and offers a Bachelor of Theology degree accredited by the University of Wales Lampeter. This year, twenty-seven students from twenty countries are enrolled. The main part of the new building, once it is finished, will be residential.

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