In the News:
Foundation Laid for Spiritual Tourism Park

by Usha Gururaj (Excerpts from Media reports)

Posted June 27, 2010

Bangalore will soon have a Kr­ishna Lila Park for which Bhoomi Puja was held on Sunday, 20th June, 2010.

The ISKCON Krishna Lila Park is an attempt to present the pastimes of Krishna as described in the Bhagavata and Mahabharata in a compelling manner using techniques of multi-sensory, immersive and experiential story telling. Simply stated, the visitors to the park will be transported to the time and place of pastimes as if they were actually participating in the pastimes of the Lord. This is a unique project, a humble attempt, conceived for the first time on a scale and grandeur that is unprecedented - all for the glorification of Sri Krishna and upliftment of mankind.

The ISKCON Krishna Lila Park also consists of five grand temples housed in a towering structure that is 360 ft high. One of these temples is a sky-top temple perched at the highest level (500 ft compared to Kanakapura Road) and the climb to reach this temple is designed to be a magnificent experience. Set amidst sprawling themed gardens, water fountains and cascades, open-air theatre for grand live shows, expos on Bhagavad Gita and Vedic Cosmology, varieties of prasadam food courts and boutiques for religious memorabilia - the ISKCON Krishna Lila Park, estimated to cost Rs.350 crores, will be another landmark of Bangalore city, This is the first-of-its-kind project in the city.

The Krishna Lila Park, the foundation stone for which was laid on Sunday.

“In an era when nuclear families are the norm, the younger generation has been deprived the opportunity to savour the heroic tales in our epics. The park will help them know about these brave deeds in an interesting manner”, said Sri Madhu Pandit Dasa, President, ISKCON-Bangalore President and Project Director, ISKCON Krishna Lila Park.

ISKCON-Bangalore maintained that it would raise Rs.350 crore for the project by developing the 42.5 acre land near the hillock as a heritage township.

"Such projects are essential to preserve and present our culture and religion," said Transport Minister R Ashok. "Religious conversions are the bane of the society and people should involve in such constructive activities to check and oppose them."

Religious leaders, including Sri Sri Balagangadharnatha Mahaswami of Adichunchanagiri Maha Samsthana, Art of Liv­ing founder Sri Sri Ravishankar and Puthige Math Seer Sugunendra Tirtha Swami, Sri Sri Harshananda Maharaj of Sri Ramakrishna Ashram, Sri Shivanubhava Charamurthy Shivarudra Mahaswami of Beli Math were pres­ent. Many political leaders, en­trepreneurs and devotees also took part in the ceremony.