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Hare Krishna Volunteers to Cook for Haitian Earthquake Survivors

Submitted by Richard Wyndham, by Hannah Crown, Borehamwood Times

Posted January 31, 2010

4:20pm Tuesday 26th January 2010

Hare Krishna volunteers to cook for Haitian earthquake survivors

TWO members of a Hertfordshire temple are travelling to Haiti tomorrow to cook for survivors of the earthquake.

Vaikuntha Krishna, 39, and Robin Laing 46, belong to Bhaktivedanta Manor, in Aldenham, Hertfordshire, which was donated by Beatle George Harrison for supporters of the Hare Krishna movement.

They will fly to a base in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, where they will set up a vegan food camp with about 30 other volunteers from America, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the UK and the Dominican Republic.

The movement is part of a programme run by Food For Life Global, a not-for-profit organisation run by the Hare Krishna movement to bring food to survivors of disasters across the world.

Mr Krishna, who has been a member of the temple for the past 18 years, first went to help survivors of the Sri Lankan Tsunami in 2004. He worked for three-and-a-half months on camps cooking for up to 2,000 people per day.

He said: "I didn’t even think about whether I would go or not - straightaway my heart went for it. It is a human instinct to help people, that’s all I thought about.

“Sri Lanka was my first time [volunteering] and I was there about two weeks after the tsunami. I just went out there and didn’t expect anything. When you are ready to help you don’t think about anything else.”

Mr Krishna works as a beekeeper and farm labourer, bought his plane ticket after being sponsored by his friends.

The volunteers will be under the protection of the military and assisted by larger aid agencies such as CARE, OXFAM and the Red Cross.

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