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Devotees Killed in Florida Car Crash

by Clifford Davis and Dana Treen, Florida Times-Union

Posted February 9, 2012

A driver and his two passengers (all Hare Krishna devotees) died late Tuesday night (January 31) in a crash with a semi at the intersection of Florida Rte. 228 (Normandy Blvd.) and U.S. Highway 301 in Maxville (outside of Jacksonville, Florida).

The driver of a Toyota Corolla, 31-year-old Elisha K. Drury (Nitai das) of Moundsville, W.Va., was stopped at Highway 301 about 10 p.m. before pulling out in front of the truck, according to Lt. Bill Leeper and the Florida Highway Patrol report. The semi hit the driver’s side of the vehicle and dragged it about 75 yards before it came to rest, with the car nearly completely underneath it.

Drury was killed along with passengers Timothy F. Carter (Gopinath das), 30, and Jose L. Caicedo (Yadupati das), 47, both of Alachua County. Leeper said the friends were returning from a Jimmy Buffett concert in Jacksonville. The two in the front seat were wearing seat belts, but the rear seat passenger was not. The driver of the semi was Johnny Williams, 53, of Hemingway, S.C., the Highway Patrol said.

The wreck happened just a few yards away from a truck stop where Greg Hayden was sleeping in his rig during his break. He had just fallen asleep when he was woken by the sound of the impact, Hayden said. Then he heard a horn that did not stop blowing. “I came out of my truck and noticed there was a car in front of a semi, and it was bad stuff,” he said. “I went to the car and noticed there were two people who weren’t moving, so I immediately called 911 and started flagging traffic to keep someone else from getting killed.”

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Editor's note, courtesy of Rasikananda das: A "Remembering Nitai das" Facebook page has been started at Click Here. Devotees are invited to please share their memories and stories. Nitai prabhu's main service project was Krishna Kitchen, which he poured his heart and soul into and worked tirelessly to develop. Engaging many devotees in all walks of life, from gurukulis to bhaktas to old-school preachers, he always knew just how to inspire participation to share the Sankirtana mission of Lord Caitanya. He dedicated his life in service to his guru, H.H. Radhanath Swami, and will be dearly missed. His last rites will be performed in Mayapura by Mandali devi dasi, his wife, Radhanath Swami, Malati devi prabhu and Nityodita das prabhu, his uncle.

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