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ISKCON Explores Peace Prospects

by The Imphal Free Press

Posted August 17, 2009

Imphal, Aug 14: A seminar entitled "Science, Spirituality and the Quest for Peace in Manipur" organised by University of Bhagavata Culture was held today at ISKCON Complex, Airport Road, Imphal.

The inaugural programme started with Conch blowing (Moibung) and lamp lighting followed by chanting of mantras for peace and harmony by HH Bhakti Vyasa T Swami and also a Souvenir was also released jointly by professor IS Khaidem, former VC MU and HH Bhakti Vyasa T Swami.

Mathew James Zakekheim who came also through the way from United States of America to participate at the seminar express that peace will only come when we human beings started thinking that god is the owner and we are his care takers, we are here just for a single period of time to see the miracle. At this period of time we shouldn't fight and create disaster but love one another, then peace will prevail.

Rev Dr Linus Neli said that peace has vanished from the state and now the state is not in a comfort zone but in grief & pain and if peace has to enter it has to go deep into the roots of the people only then our state would become Shantipur.

Dr Ramjee Repaka, NIT Rourkela, IIT Kharagpur, Clark Greg Van from United Kingdom, Prof Ksh Bimola Devi, President, centre for peace education MU also spoke on the theme of the seminar.

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