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ISKCON Bangalore Wins the Court Battle


Posted April 23, 2009

Apr 16, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK (SUN) - In breaking news on April 17th 2009, in the Trial Court of Bangalore the Judge finally passed an order in the matter of ISKCON Bangalore vs. ISKCON Mumbai. He ruled in favor of ISKCON Bangalore Society, giving it ownership to the Hare Krishna Hill and the famous temple atop it. He thereby once and for all put to rest all allegations of wrong doing or corrupt family dealings among the leadership of ISKCON Bangalore.

This ruling again reiterated the fact that ISKCON Bangalore, under the leadership of Sriman Madhu Pandit das, is on the path shown by Krishna, separate from the corrupt ISKCON Mumbai Society and its GBC leadership. This result will further enhance and deepen the quality of service of all the residents of Hare Krishna Hill to Sri Sri Radha Krishnacandra for the benefit of all humanity, without unnecessary influences.

This ruling is further proof that what Krishna promises in the Bhagavad-gita, that "My devotees will never perish", is a hundred percent true even though we may not know His workings most of the time.

Thanks goes to devotees worldwide who stood by the ISKCON Bangalore devotees in their decade long struggle to reinstate Srila Prabhupada in the center of ISKCON in spite of severe hardships.

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