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Hare Krishna Youth Ministry Bus Tour 2006


Posted September 24, 2006

This summer, myself (Jahnavi dasi) and three other Bhaktivedanta Manor youth, Jagannath Suta, Nadiya and Saci, embarked on an amazing two month adventure, that took us across twenty American States, clocking up tens of thousands of miles. We had joined the Hare Krsna Youth Ministry bus tour, which with about fifty youth in tow, travels across North America - putting on Rathayatra festivals, holding cultural performances in thirty seven cities and having a lot of fun in between!

We travelled on two yellow 'Garuda buses converted and fitted with bunks, toilets and even a kitchen! Jayadvaita Swami and Bhakti Marg Swami both joined us for several weeks. If we were staying at a temple, we would help out by cleaning, cooking, making garlands, even renovating the buildings. In New Vrindavan, West Virginia we repainted the outside of Prabhupada's Palace of Gold whilst others demolished old outhouses and tended to the award winning gardens.

If there was no temple in the place we were visiting, we would go out on harinama (street chanting) and advertise our evening cultural performances. Some days, we had amazing activities like horse riding, white water rafting and canyoneering! However, most of us agreed that the best aspect about the bus tour were the incredible friendships we made and the life lessons we learnt. We came away from the tour with greater confidence, new skills, a sense of gratitude and enthusiasm for the wonderful gift of Krishna conciousness that Srila Prabhupada has given us, and appreciation for the wonderful worldwide family he created. Most of all we had developed a stronger sense of identity as contributing members of the ISKCON community.

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