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Sri Krishna Janmasthami


Posted September 21, 2006

The appearance day of Lord Sri Krishna was celebrated with great glamour and festivity here at the ISKCON world headquarters in Mayapur.

The day started in the morning with Mangal Artik and Darshan where the Deities display wonderful new outfits.

For most of the morning there the samksara ceremonies were performed for the pleasure of the Lord as well as for the assembled vaishnavas. Different devotees enacted the roles of Nanda Maharaja, Mother Yasoda, and Sandipani Muni.

Throughout the day various cultural programs were presented on the main stage which included dramas, lectures, sweet bhajans and even a hilarious stand up comedy performance. A well staged drama on the appearance of Lord Sri Krishna was enacted by the school children of Bhaktivedanta National School.Despite the news of the attack in Manipur and the main temple being closed for a short period the festivities continued without lack of enthusiasm.

The fireworks display lasting almost an hour created an exciting mood. Once the temple finally opened devotees rushed in like waves of the ocean to take darshan of their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Madhava.The Abhishek began accompanied by the chanting of vedic hymns.

Afterwards there was also a flower abhishek. After the program was over the devotees had grumbling stomachs after fasting all day so they wobbled outside to enjoy delicious prasadam.

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