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Damodar Swami Placed in Samadhi at Radhakunda

by The Imphal Free Press,

Posted October 8, 2006

Vrindavan, Oct 4: Bhaktivedanta Institute`s International director, Damodara Swami Sripad Maharaj also known as Dr. Thoudam Damodar Singh was placed in samadhi at ISKCON`s Gopal Deva Mandir Complex in Radhakunda with love and great reverence at about 1 pm .

Damodara Swami left this material world at about 12:15 am on 2nd Oct. at Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata , said Prasad Das who is leading one of the Garuda Buses spreading Science and spirituality to Colleges and Universities Nationwide.

"I have experienced the most painful existence-the separation of my Guru Maharaj" he further added. "Maharaj`s mood was changed, he hardly had time to listen to Manipuri nat sankritan,however the last few days he spared enough time to listen and explained to me with all his hearts", said Vrajendra Das all in tears who was serving Maharaj since the last seven years full time.

"He was fine till 9 pm that day, at about 11:30 He wake me up and told me that his hand was itching, I put ice then suddenly his eyes closed and he left, I called many doctors till 2 am, none came" lament Prabhu Brajapati Das secretary to the Maharaj who was with him at his last moment.

Maharaj was to arrive at Imphal yesterday, however he was flown to Vrindaban from Kolkatta via Delhi due to unavoidable situations. He was placed at rest besides his spiritual master`s Prabhupada Samadhi and floral tributes were paid by thousands of devotees from all over the world. He was later taken for mangala arti and then for Vrindavan Parikrama with a grand Kirtana. He was later brought to Radhakund and placed in Samadhi.

It may be mentioned that Sripad Damodar Maharaj was born at a small village Toubul in Bishenpur, Manipur on 9th December 1937.He met his spiritual master His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada founder acharya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness while he was undergoing his Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Irvine, California, USA . Prabhupada later trained him in Vedanta studies and later instructed him to prove the existence of God scientifically and appointed Sripad Maharaj the International Director of Bhaktivedanta Institute for the purpose and work on the unification of Science and spirituality. "Prabhupad instructions became his heart and soul" recalls Dwijamani Das, Ph.DKurukshetra University. "Sripad Maharaj`s work attracted thousands of intellectuals all over the world who inquire about the absolute reality", said Dr. Sudipto Gosh Asst. Prof. IIT Kharagpur.

In a grand and impressive smadhi amidst chanting of Hari Nama Mahamantra, thousands of his disciples from far away countries like USA, England, France, Indonesia, Australia, Russia apart from centers of Mumbai, Delhi, Bhubaneshwor, Chandigarh and other ISKCON centres of India, paid their last respects to their Spiritual Master Guru Maharaj here at Gopal Deva Mandir Complex, Radhakunda,

Leading Manipur ISKCON development council members headed by Bhakti Vyasa Tirtha Swami along with a large number of devotees of ISKCON Manipur arrived here. "The relationship between a Guru and disciple is enternal, he is always with us" said Isana Das.

Later at 6 pm this evening, a program was held glorifying His Holiness Sripad Maharaj at ISKCON Vridavan. Later a meeting was called to discuss Maharaj`s wishes and how to fulfill it.

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