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Cabinet nod to ban on cow slaughter

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submitted by Navadvipa Chandra das
Posted May 27, 2003

New Delhi, May 6: The Union Cabinet on Tuesday decided to set up a national judicial commission for appointment of judges to the Supreme Court and high courts.

The Cabinet also decided to grant dual citizenship to people of Indian origin living in eight countries and also approved the enactment of a Central law for the prohibition of cow slaughter under Article 252 (1) of the Constitution to overcome the problem of the legislative competence of the Centre.

Parliamentary affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said Article 252 (1) allows the Centre to draft a legislation for states if two or more state governments pass a resolution in their Assemblies for such a law.

Ms Swaraj said the Centre cannot make the law on its own as it was not competent to draft such legislation. To overcome the problem of legislative competence, the Centre has asked the animal husbandry department to write to all the state governments to send their proposals for such a legislation. Ms Swaraj said though many states already have legislation against cow slaughter, it is not followed as in most laws there is no ban on killing old cows. The Centre proposes to bring a comprehensive legislation to ban the killing of cows, irrespective of their age.