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Hare Krishna Church Members Ask for Help To Rebuild Temple


Posted March 24, 2006

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Local Hare Krishnas are asking people of different faiths for help rebuilding their temple. The Shanti Mandir temple on 31st Street and Westmoreland Drive in Orange County was heavily damaged by fire last week.

The owners of the temple have no insurance. Worshipers there hope neighbors from other temples and churches can help them raise $500,000 for a new building.

"We're just a group of religious families. We're one big family, and when there are emergencies out there, Katrina, other things that happen, we're willing to help, and we hope that people are willing to help us as well," said congregation member Geri Hepburn.

The congregation plans to meet at a different members' homes each week until the temple is rebuilt.

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