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In the News:
All we are high on is love for God:
American band rocks ISKCON fest, 50,000 devotees thronged the venue

by Baisakhi Roy

Posted March 6, 2005

(Mumbai, February 15:) Nearly 50,000 people attended the concert. Devotees from all over the world Europe, US, Africa, Australia and Asia to attend the fest.THEY kept begging for more. Crowds cheered and screamed as American band Namrock played Krishna-inpired rock-n-roll numbers on the last day of the Hare Krishna International festival.

The festival marks the 108th birth centenary of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) founder, Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada.

For 19-year-old Yashodha Shetty, popularly known as Yashoda sakhi among her ISkcON friends, this was more than just an ordinary concert.

Performing as a back-up singer, this sprightly mass media student has been a Krishna devotee from the day I was born.

Shetty was not the only one who rocked to the beat of Divine Love For The Lord at the concert on Cross Maidan.

Fifty-year-old housewife, Gayatri Sood, attended the concert with her daughter-in-law, also a bhaktin.

Rock musician Titikshava Karunika or TK has been influenced by the Hare Krishna cult ever since he heard former Beatle George Harrison sing My Sweet Lord in the late 70s.

I've never seen anything like this. Everyone associates such concerts with drugs and other vices. All that we are high on is our love for the Lord, says 20 year-old Priyamvad Mafatlal. Mafatlal has been a devotee for the past two years, thanks to his family members who are all heavily into it.

The rock concert also cleared some mythological cobwebs. In a corner are figurines of gods and godesses with snippets on their various avatars.

Mort Sydney, a Krishna devotee, has been reading patiently about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Ive been reading a lot of literature on Hinduism. I think this concert is a fun way to propagate the name of the Lord, he says.

A cheer goes up in the crowd as TK takes the final bow but promises to come back on February 19.

The spirit is wonderful, but just preaching about the Lords name doesnt sell, says TK. ISkcON has been a great support in setting up this concert, he adds, waving to a saffron-robed German whos lugging his Yamaha playstation out of the venue.