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Californian Vegetarian School Lunches

submitted by Urmila d.d.
Posted March 5, 2003

CALIFORNIA, U.S.A., February 25, 2003:

Letters of support are needed for a vegetarian school lunch bill recently introduced in California.

Assemblyman Joe Nation of Marin County, California, has introduced Assembly Concurrent Resolution 16 calling for schools to offer a daily plant-based vegetarian option on the daily lunch menu.

If you represent a recognized institution, religious community, or are an individual committed to children's health and/or vegetarian issues, please consider writing a letter of support.

Send letters to your California state legislators and to the Resolution's author:

Assemblyman Joe Nation
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
or fax to 916-319-2106

On March 5 at 1:30, California State Capitol, Sacramento, a meeting is scheduled of the education committee hearing on ACR 16. For more information and to review the resolution in it's entirety see "source" above and click on "State Resolution."