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Interim Decision From the GBC Executive Commitee Concerning Dhanurdhara Swami

by, July 8, 2006

Posted July 11, 2006

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The GBC Executive Committee has made an interim decision that Dhanurdhara Swami will not give initiation (harinama or gayatri) in ISKCON. They have sent this proposal to the full GBC for a vote on permanent ratification.

Furthermore, the GBC Executive Committee directs Dhanurdhara Swami to spend 50% of his time in working to heal the victims of ISKCON Gurukulas.

The GBC Executive Committee requests Dhanurdhara Swami to not distance himself from ISKCON but rather remain a member.

A committee chaired by Tamohara dasa, CPO Director, has been formed to discuss further restrictions on Dhanurdhara Swami such as the giving up of sannyasa.

The committee will also consider restrictions on other ISKCON members who may have been in positions of leadership when mistreatment of children took place.