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In the News:
Thousands witness Udupi chariot festival

Posted January 25, 2005

Udupi, Jan 15 - Thousands witnessed the "three chariot festival", which is part of the "Sapthotsava" in the Car Street here on Friday. It was on "Makara Sankranti" that the founder of Dwaita philosophy, Madhwacharya, had installed the deity of Lord Krishna in Udupi 800 years ago. The "Sapthotsava" is celebrated to commemorate this. The celebrations began here on January 8. The "three chariot festival" is celebrated on "Makara Sankranthi".

The deities of Lord Krishna and Lord Mukhyaprana were brought to the "Madhwa Sarovara" in a golden palanquin. They were placed in a float decorated in the shape of a chariot. The float did three rounds in the holy pond of "Madhwa Sarovara". Then the deity of Lord Krishna was taken out and placed in the "Brahmaratha", the deity of Lord Mukhyaprana in the "Garuduratha" and the deities of Lord Ananteshwara and Lord Chandramouleshwara were placed in the "Mahapuja Ratha" in front of Sri Krishna Temple. Sri Viswhapriya Tirtha Swamiji of Paryaya Admar Mutt and the other swamijis of the Ashta Mutts sat on a white cloth in front of the chariot. It is believed that those who get a "darshan" of the deities in the "rathas" are cleansed of their sins. id=10611