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In the News:
Friends of Vrindavan get together

From "The Hindu", New Delhi, December 10, 2003
Submitted by Nirguna dasi

Posted January 14, 2004

VRINDAVAN (U.P.), Dec. 9. To bring together women's voices of Vrindavan so that they can join hands and discuss ways to contribute to the overall plan of restoring Vrindavan to its mythical environmental balance, a meeting was convened by Friends of Vrindavan at Sri Chaitanya Prema Samsthana in Jai Singh Ghera here over the week-end.

The meeting brought together influential women leaders of Vrindavan including Sandhya Goswami, Acharya Nidhi Telang, Prabha Sharma, Bala Gopala dasi, Daiva Shakti [dasi] and Vrinda-devi dasi. Visiting devotees from Delhi included danseuse Geeta Chandran, who also pledged to help bring to fruition public awareness programmes and to set up plans in the various district communities for collection of waste material.

Robyn Beeche, convenor of the meeting, pointed out that the needs of the Vrindavan women could be addressed only by hearing out their strategies for change and assisting them in reaching their goals.

Examples of recycling plastic into usable items were also demonstrated; this has been a successful cottage industry for some time and could be implemented on a larger scale and spread further to other cities. Also discussed were the benefits of recycling plastic bags, by which any housewife could generate a regular monthly income.

The meeting underlined the need to educate women on how they could identify biodegradable and non-biodegradable garbage.