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Appeal To President Mr. Putin for Protection Of Hindu Dharma In Moscow


Posted February 13, 2006

Appeal to President Mr. Putin for protection of Hindu dharma in Moscow.

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To: Govt. of Russia, USA , India and UNO

President Vladimir Putin
The President of Russia
The Presidential Executive Office
4, Staraya Square, Moscow, 103132
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Subject: The Mayor of Moscow cancelled the order issued by the Moscow Government one and a half years ago giving ISKCON Moscow a plot of land for construction of a new temple to replace the old temple building.

Dear President Mr. Putin:

I was very upset to learn that the land in Moscow had given for the construction of the new Vedic Hare Krishna temple has recently been taken away in an unfair and unprecedented arbitrary decision by Mayor of Moscow, Mr.Yuriy Luzhkov.

Since 1989 the ISKCON Hare Krishna temple has been the only place of worship for thousands of followers of Hindu dharma among both the Indian and Russian communities in Moscow. In 2003 the Moscow Government requested ISKCON to vacate their building. In exchange the Mayor's office gave a new plot of land for the construction of a new temple complex in a prominent part of the city and made to relocate there despite there being no sewerage or electricity connections. ISKCON spent over $250,000 constructing temporary facilities to continue worship operations.

Since October 2003 the temple activities have been conducted in a temporary facility on the gifted land with the expectation of planning approval for a new and wonderful Temple and Vedic Cultural Center. The old building was immediately demolished.

Without warning, on October 7, 2005 the Mayor of Moscow, Mr. Luzhkov arbitrarily withdrew the decision of the Moscow Government on the excuse of some technical mistakes made in the wording of the deed of gift. Further, he issued an order of eviction to remove the devotees from the land, with no alternative offered.

This was done without any consultation or even clarification. Now thousands of followers of Hinduism in Moscow can be legally kicked out from the temporary facilities at any moment

If this unrighteous decision is upheld thousands of members of the Indian community and the followers of Hare Krishna in Moscow will have no place of worship.

This is a gross violation of their religious and human rights.

I hereby request you as the person who is entrusted to protect the law and order in the country of Russia to please urgently investigate the situation and reestablish justice.


The Undersigned

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