In the News:
10m State Cash for First Hindu School

by Jamie Doward, home affairs editor

Posted December 27, 2006

Hare Krishna movement to offer guidance to 240 primary pupils in Harrow

Sunday December 24, 2006

Britain's first state-funded school for Hindus, which will receive guidance from the Hare Krishna movement, is to get the go ahead, backed by almost 10m of taxpayers' money. The news is seen as a major cultural breakthrough by Britain's 600,000-strong Hindu community which has long campaigned for state-funded schools for its followers. But it has also attracted criticism from secular groups who claim that religion and education do not mix. The Krishna-Avanti school, which will be advised by Iskcon - the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, better known as the Hare Krishna movement - will be based in Harrow, north-west London. A planning application will be submitted to the local council next month and the school is expected to open in September 2008.

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