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Tsunami Hits South India

by Sumithra Krishna das
(TP ISKCON Chennai)

Posted December 27, 2004

As you may all be aware, the tsunami that occurred yesterday at the Sumatra island, has killed several thousands people across Asia and several in our city here in Chennai (Capital city of Tamil Nadu, South India).

Many devotees have been calling me to enquire about our safety and express their concern. I am grateful to them for their thought.

As the power supply was cut off yesterday as a preacautionary measure, I could not reach out to our world wide community of devotees who may be much worried through e-mail.

Thanks to the mercy of Sri Guru and Gauranga, their temple and devotees are safe. Our extension centres in Pondicherry are also safe. Since other centers like Madurai, Coimbatore, Kumbakonam Salem, Vellore are far away from the coast, they are not affected .

We haven't received any info from Mahakartha das (TP Colombo - ISKCON). Srilanka is also badly affected.

On Sunday (26th dec), in the morning at 6.20 am, when the devotees were dressing the deities, they had to hold the deities tight as They were shaking due to the earthquake. Offering prayers to Nrsimha, the devotees prayed for the safety of our newly constructed building and people.

The temple is about 2 kms. from the beach and the water from the sea came inland to only about 500 metres. People near the coastal area have suffered greatly. After the largest wave attack, devotees went to the beach (which had now receeded farther than before and where several people were gathered) and did a small kirtan till the waves again slightly rose threateningly.

As devotees meet people with Bhagavad-gita books in the dry parts of the city, continuing with the marathon, they are asking, "can you avert such disasters?" and our devotees are telling them to read the book and follow the path of sanatana dharma.

Today we are preparing prasadam for 5000 people who have taken shelter in several common buildings a little away from the ocean. I would like to thank the devotees who called me and offered donations for FOOD FOR LIFE.

If you are in India, and would like to make a donation, you can deposit into our ICICI account No.603301107599 (ISKCON).

Soon, there will also be a drive to donate old clothes to the homeless. If you are geographically close to Chennai, you can send old clothes/blankets/kitchen wares or anything to our address:

Hare Krishna Land
Off East Coast Road,
Chennai-600 041.
Tamil Nadu, South India.
Phone # : 091 044 2449 1253.
Mobile # : 0 938 106 3234.

Thanking you for your prayers, concern, and cooperation.