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In the News:
Krishna Temple News

Provo Daily Herald, by Michael Rigert

Posted August 21, 2005

In a Utah County version of "Let me worship with the Governor," Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. was a special guest at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork on Sunday evening.

Huntsman, accompanied by his wife Mary Kaye, and one of his daughters, was welcomed with open arms into the Hindu place of worship, which was completed in 2001.

Along with other several dozen worshipers and visitors, Huntsman and his family participated in a brief religious service on the simple, but beautifully decorated top floor of the temple.

"We respect the Hindu culture and the role it plays in world culture," Huntsman said to the Krishna temple leaders and congregation. I've long believed that Utah can be a state for everyone. I deeply believe that.

"The governor, who was a former U.S. ambassador to Singapore under President George H.W.. Bush, is no stranger to Asian cultures and religions, said it was an honor and privilege to be invited to the temple. "I've wanted to visit for some time," he said.

Following the worship service, Huntsman and his family were given a tour of the temple building and then treated to a traditional Hindu feast.

Students from a BYU class were among the temple's visitors Sunday evening and were able to ask questions about the religion's main tenets prior to the governor's arrival.