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A Stop In Saskatoon for Cross Country Monk

by Sheri Ebert, CKOM Radio

Posted August 8, 2006

If you see a bald monk dressed in an orange robe walking along the highway-you're not asleep at the wheel.

A Hare Krishna monk named Bhaktimarga Swami is making his third trip on foot from coast to coast, and has made a stop in Saskatoon.

He cites his passion for the beauty of Canada and the hope to find inspiration from the people he meets, as reasons for embarking on the journey.

He says people here have been surprised to see a monk walking down the street, stopping to ask questions and offer rides.

Bhaktimarga will next travel down highway 16, he's on is way to Portage la Prairie.

His motto- "More Walking, Less Squawking." He wishes people would take a second to walk more and reflect on their own lives.

Sheri Ebert reporting.

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