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Ratha Yatra Festival

by Navadvipa Chandra Das,

Posted August 6, 2006

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Ratha Yatra in Mayapur is a very special event. This year was no different. It started the previous day with the Gundicha Marjanam, where the temple was thoroughly cleaned in preparation for Lord Jagannatha's arrival. Devotees of all ages eagerly participated in the event.

The next day devotees arrived at the Rajapur Jagannatha Mandir. The three rathas (chariots) were there ready to transport the Lord. The deities were then brought unto the rathas and the procession began.

What a grand procession it was! From the beginning to the end this was the order of the procession: In the front there was a large group of motorcycles bearing flags announcing the Lord's arrival. Then there were students also carrying flags. That was followed by brightly dressed matajis carrying conch shells and bells. Next came a two bullock carts. Then there was the Parswanath Band, then stilt-walkers, then matajis carrying flower lamps, then another group of the band. Click Here for Ratha Yatra photos

Next came Srila Prabhupada on his own ratha. Then there was a mini Ratha with a small set of Jagannatha, Baladeva, and Subhadra devi. This was followed by a kirtan party led by students of the Bhaktivedanta National School. Then came Lord Baladeva's Ratha. A mataji's kirtan party followed singing for Subhadra Devi who's ratha came next. And finaly, the main Kirtan Party followed by Jagannath's Ratha. Oh, wait, after that there was also some prasad and water distribution lorries.

On the 5th of July Lord Jagannatha returned back to the Rajapur Jagannath Mandir after staying in the Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir for over a week. The procession was just as grand as the main Ratha Yatra festival. Click Here for the article at

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