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In the News:
Manor President visits disaster struck village in Tamil Nadu

by Radha Mohan das

Posted April 11, 2005

(31st March 2005)

Bhaktivedanta Manor President visits disaster struck village in Tamil Nadu

On a recent trip to India Gauri das, president of Bhaktivedanta Manor in Aldenham, near Watford in the UK visited the costal village of Palayar, in the Nagapatnam district of Tamil Nadu, South India. Palayar is one of the many coastal villages of India that were completely devastated by the Tsunami wave.

Gauri das was greeted by local leaders, NGOs and villagers who expressed their deepest gratitude to the community of Bhaktivedanta Manor for fully supporting the development of their village.

"It has been deeply moving to visit the people of Palayar," said Gauri das "Even after such a disaster they welcomed me with such affectionate and heart warming smiles. From the very early days of the disaster we sent in medical supplies and help. Until today we are still providing hot daily meals to over one thousand families,

Gauri described the current situation. "The real job now is to re-house and assist this community to get back on their feet. At present they still have no houses and no livelihood. As the temperature goes up it is becoming very difficult for the families to live in the tin accommodations provided"

To date Bhaktivedanta Manor has invested more than £70,000 ($135,000 / 5,670,000 Rupees in the area and are working hand in hand with the local officials to rebuild the village of Palayar.

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Radha Mohan das