Jagannatha's Chakra
by Suresvara Dasa
Posted November 26, 2002

Hare Krishna, Madhusudani Radha Mataji--Dandavat pranams. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Congratulations on Chakra's metamorphosis. I have always felt that the acronym "CHAKRA" stunted ISKCON's growth because it kept Prabhupada's Society stuck in a military metaphor. While he was orchestrating the "Hare Krishna Explosion," His Divine Grace made free use of that metaphor because it was appropiate for what he was doing at the time. Temples were "bases" from which his sankirtana "soldiers" dropped "bombs" into the laps of the conditioned souls. With ever-increasing sensitivity, temples should continue to do that, of course, but in the broader context of Prabhupada's daivi-varnasrma mission, they have an expanded obligation to educate and inspire their congregations. If "books are the basis," may we never forget of what: of ministering to an increasingly desparate and terrorized world, starting with our own congregations. "Sarve sukhino bhavantu," as Prabhupada the varnasrama visionary would say, "Let everyone become happy."

Many thanks to you and Umapati Swami for maintaining CHAKRA, the old caterpillar, for as long as you did. May Jagannatha's Chakra fly like a butterfly to Krishna's lotus feet.

Hope you are well. Hare Krishna! Yours in service, Suresvara dasa.