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Welcome to Notes From New Goloka


Posted October 23, 2006

Image: Vrndavan & Lakshmi in front of Sandy Ridge Festival of India

Hare Krsna,

Welcome to notes from New Goloka.

I'm hoping to get this off the ground and post more October news soon. Today I'm taking the kids to the State Fair. Kundalata will come with us. We've never been before so looking forward to it and kids are really excited.

October 8 we went to Festival of India at Prabhupada Village. Although the weather was a bit chilly starting out the kids had fun. There were a few dances- this very young girl Krishnaya she is only 7 performed a Bharat Natyam solo with such precision. She is a beautiful devoted young girl that appears to be from a heavenly planet.

Image: Festival of India, Sandy Ridge. Daddy & Vrndavan at the kids arts and crafts table

The new temple in Sandy Ridge is coming along nicely. They will have a nice marble floor that still needs to be installed. Let's see there was a play about a man who was carrying a very heavy load and the Lord appeared before him and granted him a boon. The man was struggling with the huge heavy load dropping it. He could have asked the Lord for anything, but he asked that the Lord please help him by placing this heavy load back onto his shoulder. This shows the foolishness of the living entity by asking the Lord for material things- which will only be a big burden. Rather we should aspire for our eternal blissful constitional position. The kids favorite part was the Ramayana puppet show at which point the welcoming bright sun burst through the clouds warming everyone.

Image: Ramayana Puppet show with beautiful scenic fall foliage in background

Prabhupada Village is on my acres (350?) of land and many disciple of HDG Srila Prabhupada reside there. It is also the home of the Bhaktivedanta Arhcives.

Hari Haribol!

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