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Boat Festival - a Huge Preaching Success

by Tattva Vit Das, Sri Krishna Mandir News

Posted October 8, 2006

The advertisement has done it for us again! From the very beginning of the day, people began to call up the temple for further details about the festival. The Strait Times has the largest readership in Singapore. Atleast half a million people would have seen our advertisement. Just by once chanting the maha-mantra which was featured in the advertisement, their lives became successful.

Many tens of newcomers turned up for the festival. The swan boat arrived at the venue at about 6pm. Everyone was awaiting the arrival of Their Lordships. As soon as They arrived on the scene at about 6:15pm, everyone jubilantly accompanied Them to the boat with ecstatic kirtan. Then they were seated on the beautiful swan boat decorated with flowers and ornaments. People were just gazing at the beautiful vehicle of Their Lordships.

This was followed by a 3-hour boat ride. As soon as the boat began to move, many devotees jumped into the water and those who were outside were performing the kirtan. In this way the whole crowd enjoyed the 3 hours to the fullest.

After a tiring kirtan, everyone was rejuvenated by the sumptuous prasadam and the many numbers of guests were thankful to us for providing them the opportunity to attend such a wonderful festival.

Many scores of books were distributedon that day. Srila Prabhupada, our beloved spiritual master, must surely have been pleased at the effort.

The way the Hare Krishna festivals are gaining popularity in Singapore, it looks like the Hare Krishnas are going to conquer the whole of Singapore in the very near future.

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