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Windshield And the Rear View Mirror

by Madhava Gosh

Posted November 29, 2005

Got a phone call from a friend today wondering why I had published the article "To Let Truth Surface, Confront the Ugly Past" on Chakra. Short answer - I didn't. It was Madhava Das, someone I don't even know, not me, Madhava Gosh. I figured if a friend got confused, others also could be easily confused. So again, it wasn't me.

The reason he was confused is he knows that I know what is readily available in public record regarding the two cases cited. He knows that I, as well as many, many others, am very aware of the intensive and long running investigation the FBI performed in these cases, that I know Kirtanananda and others went to prison for those crimes, and that it is unlikely that after 20 years anyone is going to find something the FBI with all their resources missed.

Plus, he is aware that these devotees all have children who have had to grow up dealing with this stuff and no good purpose is served by dredging these things up so they have to relive it again.

He knows that I prefer to look at what is going on now, and deal with issues that are potential problems in the future. So he was confused as to what my motivation may have been to write such an article. Again, there was no motivation on my part because I didn't write it.

I was a little disappointed that he saw the thing about seeds rising to the surface and didn't immediately realize I would never have mixed my metaphors, ergo I couldn't have been the author.

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