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New Blog Site At Your Service

by IskconVoice Webmaster Team

Posted June 26, 2006

Please take a minute to express your opinion about how to improve ISKCON at This blogsite is dedicated solely to the subject of Healing ISKCON in its variegated ramifications. There are plenty of places on the net dedicated to Krishna consciousness, but none at the moment focusing in this important subject.

The Site Operation is as follows:

Phase I - Gathering Ideas (current)
Phase II - Polling to find Priorities
Phase III - Coordinate Actions

When you sign up you are automatically entitled to post for the benefit of all.

Only banning is for the insulting, attack ad hominem or fanaticism of any kind. Other than that we do not change, discard or retain posts, for the benefit of any personal or institutional interest.

Thank you for your time,
IskconVoice Webmaster Team