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All My Rounds Before 6am

by Dandadhrk dasa

Posted August 29, 2008

I will start tomorrow morning at 3a.m and see what it is like to chant my rounds before 6 o`clock.

Sounds funny?

Well, I am not a temple devotee. I used to be, but now I am a grhasta and very busy. I work in shifts and have practically no sadhana, which is of course not a good thing. I found out, if I chant after work or even in the evening, it is really troublesome.

So this attempt is to reastablish my chanting and really take advantage of the brahma muhurta. I will raise at 3, take a shower, and chant eight rounds one after another, hopefully without interruption.

That's it; eight rounds

...before 6a.m.

Why eight rounds? Because my earliest shift is at 6a.m. In order to keep up a sadhana, I have to rise at 3am, take a shower, chant up to 5am, then take a little nap and prepare prasadam for work.

Better eight good, than sixteen bad.

Hope I'll make it out of my tamabag tomorrow at 3!

This is an experiment, which i will do at least for 30 days.

Eight rounds before 6 o`clock.

Like to join me?

Please visit my blog:

All right. let's see, what it is like....I will post here every day for one month and write down my experiences. I am very glad to receive some comments for encourgement....

Dear devotees, please bless me so I can fulfill my vrata!

Hare Krishna!

Thank you very much!