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Milk From Protected Cows for Radha Kalachandji

by Hare Krsna dasi

Posted May 25, 2010

What can I say about the well-meaning attempts of devotees at the Dallas Temple to comfort the hearts of thousands of Gita-nagari devotees of Sri Sri (chota) Radha Kalachandji? They are no-doubt kind hearted, but our eternal home is Gita-nagari, no matter where in the world we may be. And that eternal home has sweet Radha Kalachandji on the altar, listening to the melodies of the robins and peacocks during the morning, and enjoying the refreshing breezes and the sounds of the big bull frogs at night.

That is a home where farmers come in with staw covered shirts to pay their thankful obeisances during the heat of the midday. And that is a home where the cows with softly tinkling bells are ever joyful, to provide milk for the Deities, day after day. When I lived at Gita-nagari, every ekadasi Lord Kalachandji had His beautiful body smeared with ghee made from butter from our protected cows, making Him impossibly more handsome. And every mangala artotik tray had burfi, sweet rice, kheer & rabri and butter balls, all from our protected cows.

Although the Dallas devotees have very kind hearts, I wonder if they can understand, it is not the opulent kirtans and beautiful temple that will help us feel better -- any more that the gopis could be pleased by hearing that now that He has arrived in Dwarka, everyone should be pleased that Krsna is finally being treated like the Lord He really is. The thing that would ease our heart the most is to hear that the devotees in Texas love Kalachandji so much that they are offering Him only milk from protected cows.

I know that this is an very opulent offering. And, it would be an extremely opulent offering in Texas, which is not so much known for cow protection. But Krsna is the chief friend of the cowherds, and if we could only hear that He has devoted, happy cowherds living nearby who are protecting His cows and bulls in the green fields and offering Him fresh milk every day, that is the one thing that could gladden our hearts. And then you yourselves will see how beautiful He really looks! Thank you very much.