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The Demigods Are Our Friends

by Bhakta Jason

Posted July 18, 2011

Recently I have become completely convinced that Lord Krishna wants me to learn to respect the fact that the demigods are devotees too. I just can't take seeing so much cow slaughter anymore. This is supposed to be a very special Kali-yuga. In this Kali-yuga at some point in time a global government is supposed to be formed that is committed to protecting the cows. I realize that it seems like we are light years away from this happening and maybe most of us don't envision that this is even possible anymore.

Srila Prabhupada had very very high goals for what this movement could achieve in this world. One of his main objectives was cow protection. What lengths are we willing to go to to protect the cows? The demigods want to help us to protect the cows. They want to help us to establish a platform where the modes of nature have been tamed to a degree that allows the masses of people to be more receptive to the philosophy of Krishna-consciousness. They want us to help them to achieve peace on their planets as well. By Prabhupada's mercy this movement has that ability. There are many inequities plaguing our entire universe at the present moment. It is essential that the devotees recognize the necessity of forming an alliance with the demigods. I have personally witnessed in very powerful ways how they can actually facilitate our devotional service in ways that Srila Prabhupada would very much appreciate.

My intention here is not to blasphemy the teachings of Srila Prabhupada. I know that he taught time and time again that chanting Hare Krishna is all that is required. But Prabhupada was a spiritual warrior and we are in a universal war right now. Maybe Prabhupada did what was necessary to accomplish one phase of the movement. There are devotees chanting Hare Krishna in most every town and village. Maybe it is time for a new phase for the movement. There are many weapons at our disposal that are not being used. We do not have to worship the demigods in a way that would compromise our objectives. They are devotees too and they want to facilitate our devotional service. They want to help us to save the cows. They want us to help them to fight Sukracarya and the rest of the asuras who have been plaguing this universe since time immemorial.

All that I'm asking is that the devotees reconsider that maybe some new reforms are necessary to intensify our collective pursuit of the yuga-dharma. Reforms that include the worship of the demigods as devotees of Krishna. They want to be our friends. They are very advanced people but people nonetheless. Very powerful devotees that want to help us and us to help them. Chanting Hare Krishna should always be the main focus of the movement. But maybe we are at a time when the movement could collectively find a way to include the demigods in their scope of consciousness as being people who are very much accessible to us right here and right now. People that are asking us for our help and offering their help in return. They love Lord Caitanya too. They love Krishna too. They love Srimati Radharani too. They love Srila Prabhupada too. They love you too.

I apologize if this is offensive. That is not my intention. I am just really tired of seeing a McDonald's on every corner. There are ways that we can gain the power necessary to uproot Kali's rule in a more immediate fashion and at the same time offer service to very advanced souls in the forms of demigods. I am just offering these ideas as food for thought.

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