Chakra Living

A Prayer for the Yamuna

by Krsna Devata devi dasi

Posted January 11, 2010

There is a cry
Coming from the Water
Goddess Yamuna!

It is her pujaris
Her worshippers
That cry out…

Those who remember she is a Goddess
Worshipable in sanctity

Not drilled into
Not cemented
Not trashed upon
And dumped on

Please hear her call!

For she is the soft waters that embraced Our Lord

Our beloved Cowerherd Boy
Who danced & played in her waters

The children do not play & swim there…
Without threat…
Of traffic, garbage, crowds

Where is the Braj Raj?

Torn apart
For Yamuna is the LIVE HEART of Vrindavan
In the name…of progress & development…

In the NAME
May we call out peacefully
The River Goddess Yamuna

May the Sun shine again upon her waters
May she drift in the breeze in freedom

Come with respect
Come with quietude
Come with grace
Come with your HEART
Honor her upon your head

It is not the flowers
It is not the lamps
But the HEART

Do we remember that every drop is important?

For the Future…

This is our united sacred temple of Yamuna Devi

May we sing for her
May we pray for her
And hope that she too blesses us

Sincerity &
Pure Love

Her servant on the Journey
KD Jan. 5/2010