Chakra Living

The Love Formula

by Gaurav Mittal

Posted September 28, 2009

When we talk about love, some preachers in ISKCON have held a narrow-minded view, reserving their love for.Srila Prabhupada only, for Prabhupada and their guru or for other Hare Krishna devotees only. The truth is that Krishna is in everyone and that love to Krishna expresses itself in love towards all.

I hope this text, translated from a Hindi discourse by Ramsukhdas Swami, may help to broaden the minds of some devotees.

"How do we attain and increase love? I will share with you what I have heard from saints. If you desire God's love, then love all beings. Let it be such that no being is in the least bit hurt because of you. Let all be at peace; let all attain salvation. Let all be benefited; let all be happy; let all be relaxed. As long as you are selfish and wanting your wishes to come true, wanting to fulfil your own desires, God's love does not manifest. Whatever my mind wants, that should happen; this is 'Desire'.

"When there is love for all beings then Sri Bhagavan's love is easily attainable. Therefore love all; do what is beneficial to all: 'Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah.' May all become free of disease; may all be joyful; may no one experience any pain and suffering. That is the greatness of saints. They only do what is beneficial to all.

"To attain this love, love each other. It is most important for householders. There must be love for each other, for everyone living in the household. To fight every day, to create disharmony, is not a way to live. Increase your love. Start today, with all those living in the household. Start with all those that are elder to you. Do pranam (namaste, namaskar, homage, respectfully bow) to all those that are older. Consider all elders to be your father. Have the sentiment within that God will be happy: 'I want to make God happy.' Anyone you meet during the day, do pranam to (respectfully bow) from within.

"Pay attention to this. Have mercy on me. In all beings Sri Bhagavan (God) is present. If you are ashamed to do this outwardly, then do so from within. If someone realizes that Sri Bhagavan resides within each and every being, then he will be unable to not do namaskar to them from within. Namaskar is done with two feet, two knees, two hands, with heart, with speech (vachan), with two eyes and with the mind (mana). Pay respect to all.

"Always see to it that it is only with Sri Bhagavan's grace that I will be spiritually uplifted. He has given us this human body, this satsang, this Gangaji, these scriptures, these associations, see to His grace in all of these. We are entitled to salvation. Therefore start with namaskar at your home, with Everyone. Even do namaskar to the young ones. Day and night, do namaskar. All fights will end at home. When you do namaskar, all fights will have no place to go. It is like saying -- no matter what, I am surrendering to you. If you do namaskar even once to Sri Krishna, you will receive the fruit tenfold. It is so easy. It is filled with nectar.

"Whoever desires to attain God will understand that He resides in all. All these bodies that you see, whether in a temple or anywhere, all have God present in them. One who understands this, of him all mental modifications will end. He will stop complaining about others. He will stop seeing faults in others. He will stop being egotistical. Therefore have mercy on me and try it out and see for yourself.

"Minimally, know that at least it is not going to harm you. You do not have to spend any money. You do not have to incur any bodily discomforts. You can do the namaskar from within, mentally only. Teach children to do namaskar to all. All will be happy simply by observing this namaskar, and will in turn start doing the same. Do Namaskar first thing in the morning and at dusk when the lights are turned on; it will increase strength. It will increase intelligence. What an amazing Sadhana. It is even said in the Bhagavad-gita: 'Namasyanti mam bhaktya.'

"Therefore start today. Give this one thing in charity today. I am asking you for this; give it. I rarely ask for anything; it is not my nature to ask. I am asking today: give this charity. Have mercy on me. It is a householder's duty to give to a sadhu (sannyasi). Do this for twelve months and see. Simply do so with your mind. All fights will end. It is one way of increasing love."