Chakra Living

Early rising bliss...

by Jyotirmaya das

Posted November 26, 2004

Arijit prabhu wrote: "I remember being in India, sitting near a temple and observing a few goings on, one of which was the great happiness felt by a neophyte devotee. He was experiencing the pleasure of waking up before sunrise. He was saying that it was such a spiritual thing and it was so transcendental. The fact is it was not so spectacular and is an everyday occurrence for early risers. Spiritual bliss is far beyond any measurement of time to be found in the mundane atmosphere."

If the neopyhte bhakta expresses his happiness by rising early in the morning, then let him have that. It's a positive thing and even a spiritual thing if you think about it because 1) he is rising early for Krishna and 2) it is Srila Prabhupada's instruction. Krishna consciousness is a transcendental process. The bhakta was in a good place, and we should be happy for him. Not discouraging like 'Oh, this is not real happiness.' What does that do really?

Jyotirmaya das