last time i drop in
by nama sankirtan das
Posted March 8, 2003

last time i drop in
is when we were mourning the passing away
of hh, tamal krishna goswami,

i knew we were passing
embarking on a new wind
so to speak
that was in chakra
now as i read your article on galva
so on and so forth

i been in this iskcon movement
for some time now
i saw srila prabhupada
compassionate glance
i saw the transformation
i saw the zonal gurus

i have my ups and down
i saw devotees in and out
i saw the waves of book distribution
the gurukulis growing up
new york temple
from the biggest to the now

this website is good
giving room that before
probably we won't even dare touch

c'mon, lets face it
yes doesn't mean one join
the hare krishna movement
everything is lalalilala
yes, one will encounter
so called let down,
thats life!!

so who cares?
yep, lets all talk it out,
let's help one another
no exclusion

i think we all
to some degree or other
experience some type of pain
in this process

put down the bat
and pick up the feather,
krishna is kind lovin carin
that much i know

so who am i ?
keep up the good work prabhus
fallen but grateful
bhakta sanivas

janame janame hoy avilas
nama sankirtan das anu das