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Krishna is...

submitted by Hariballabha d.d.

Posted August 20, 2003

(Found on the Krsna Katha conference)

1) Krishna is possessed of an unlimited intellect. (88/22)
2) Krishna is inaccessible to sensuous knowledge. (16/46)
3) Krishna is lord of the infinity of worlds.(69/17)
4) Krishna wields the power of creating the unlimited. (87/28)
5) Krishna carries the impress of limitless power. (87/14)
6) Krishna is possessed of inconceivable potency. (10/29)
7) Krishna is unborn. (59/28, 74/21)
8) Krishna solves all heterogeneous views. (74/24)
9) Krishna is vanquished by exclusive devotion. (14/3)
10) Krishna is inner guide. (1/7)
11) Krishna is the withholder of the energy of the wicked. (60/19)
12) Krishna is the giver of salvation of jivas that are free from vanity.
13) Krishna ordains the worldly course of conceited jivas. (86/48)
14) Krishna is primal God (Deva). (40/1)
15) Krishna is primal person (purusha). (63/38)
16) Krishna is overwhelming flood of bliss. (83/4)
17) Krishna possesses fulfilled desire. (47/46)
18) Krishna is self-delighted. (60/20)
19) Krishna is the opponent of the sinuous. (60/35)
20) Krishna is sung by the best of hymns.(86/23)
21) Krishna is the dispeller of the night of pseudo-religion. (14/40)
22) Krishna is devoid of increase and decrease. (48/26)
23) Krishna is efficient and material cause. (10/29)
24) Krishna is the only truth. (14/23)
25) Krishna is awarder of the fruit of work. (49/29)
26) Krishna is not subject to the consequences of work. (84/17)
27) Krishna is seer of cause and effect. (38/12)
28) Krishna is the person who is time (Kala). (1/7)
29) Krishna is time's own self.(70/26)
30) Krishna is even the time of time. (56/27)
31) Krishna is present in the heart of every animate entity like fire inside
wood. (46/36)
32) Krishna is grateful. (48/26)
33) Krishna is the augmenter (like the full moon) of the ocean of earth,
Gods, twice-born and animals. (14/40)
34) Krishna is the tormentor of cannibalistic persons. (14/40)
35) Krishna is the destroyer of the pride of the arrogant. (60/19)
36) Krishna is the root-cause of  the origin, etc., of the world. (14/23)
37) Krishna is the cause of the world. (40/1)
38) Krishna is the creator of the world. (70/38)
39) Krishna appears as if possessed of a body like that of mundane entities,
for the good of the world. (14/55)
40) Krishna is the guru (center of gravity) of the world. (80/44)
41) Krishna is the refuge (ashraya) of jivas (individual souls) who are
afraid  of birth and death. (49/12)
42) Krishna is devoid of birth. (46/38)
43) Krishna is equally the internal guide , cause and director of
44) Krishna is the destroyer of the miseries of the persons who employ
themselves on meditating upon him. (58/10)
45) Krishna is the fourth dimension and self-manifest. (66/38)
46) Krishna is worthy of being gifted. (74/24)
47) Krishna is the punisher of the wicked. (69/17)
48) Krishna is the God of Gods.(80/44)
49) Krishna is rarely cognizable by the Gods. (48/27)
50) Krishna is unconcerned about body, house, etc. (60/20)
51) Krishna is supreme ruler of the greatest Gods. (73/8)
52) Krishna is the exponent of religion. (69/40)
53) Krishna is the eternal son of Nanda (ananda/pleasure). (14/1)
54) Krishna is visible to man with great difficulty. (71/23)
55) Krishna presence mocks the world of man. (70/40)
56) Krishna is the object of palatable drink of the human eye. (71/33)
57) Krishna is the internal guide of all. (31/4)
58) Krishna is worthy of the worship of all the worlds. (69/15)
59) Krishna accommodates all the worlds. (59/30)
60) Krishna is the manifestor of all light. (69/34)
61) Krishna is unstinted in giving Himself  away to one who recollects Him.
62) Krishna is the efficient cause. (87/50)
63) Krishna although devoid of all mundane quality, assumes mundane
qualities by his inconceivable power for the purpose of creation, etc.
64) Krishna is not subject to change. (64/29)
65) Krishna is not capable of discrimination, by reason of being void of any
extraneous covering. (87/29)
66) Krishna is the giver of Himself to those who covet nothing. (86/33)
67) Krishna loves those who covet nothing. (60/14)
68) Krishna does no work. (60/20)
69) Krishna is human, hidden, primal person (purusha). (44/13)
70) Krishna is present in the hearts of jivas like the five elements.
71) Krishna is the supreme sorcerer. (70/37)
72) Krishna is supreme Godhead and the internal guide of all. (56/27)
73) Krishna is the crest-jewel of those whose praises are sung by the sacred
lore. (71/30)
74) Krishna is primal person and ever-existing. (14/23)
75) Krishna is the highest among the objects of worship. (74/19)
76) Krishna is the healer of the miseries of the submissive. (73/16)
77) Krishna is the destroyer of the sins of the submissive. (31/7)
78) Krishna is the destroyer of the distress of the submissive. (73/8)
79) Krishna is the residue after cataclysm. (87/15)
80) Krishna is devoid of touch with the mundane senses. (87/28)
81) Krishna is the soul and  friend of all animate entities. (29/32)
82) Krishna is devoid of distinction appertaining to an alien. (63/38, 44)
83) Krishna is inconceivable by His nature. (70/38)
84) Krishna is the master of the universe. (70/37)
85) Krishna is the nourisher of the universe. (85/5)
86) Krishna is  the sun that cheers the lotus of the kindred of the
Vrishnis. (14/40)
87) Krishna is the God worshipped by the brahmanas. (69/15)
88) Krishna is the foremost of the brahmanas. (84/20)
89) Krishna is the originator of Brahma. (40/1)
90) Krishna is the worshipped of Brahma. (31/13)
91) Krishna loves his devotees. (48/26)
92) Krishna wears forms in accordance with the wishes of His devotee.
93) Krishna is eternally present in Mathura. (1/28)
94) Krishna is devoid of the sense of kinship and regards all in the same
way. (46/37)
95) Krishna is beyond  all measuring potency (Maya). (63/26)
96) Krishna is subdued by the love of Yudhisthira. (72/10)
97) Krishna is concealed by the screen of maya from the sight of the people.
98) Krishna does not follow the ways of the world. (60/36)
99) Krishna is the destroyer of the fear of the mundane sojourn of the
submissive. (85/19)
100) Krishna is the womb of the scriptures. (16/44, 80/45, 84/20)
101) Krishna is shree guru's own self. (80/33)
102) Krishna is devoid of hankering for wife, offspring, etc. (60/20)
103) Krishna is the ordainer of the worldly sojourn and of the summum bonum.
104) Krishna is the cause of all entities. (85/4)
105) Krishna is the friend of good. (69/17)
106) Krishna is devoid of discrimination as of kinship. (63/38, 44)
107) Krishna is in existence. (56/27)
108) Krishna possesses true desire. (80/44)
109) Krishna is the true entity. (87/17)
110) Krishna is true of speech. (48/26)
111) Krishna is true of resolve. (37/12)
112) Krishna sees with an equal eye. (16,33)
113) Krishna is the cause of all causes. (14/56-57, 63/38, 87/16)
114) Krishna is the originator of all. (59/28)
115) Krishna is the soul's own self of all jivas (individual souls). (14/55)
116) Krishna is omniscient. (16/48)
117) Krishna is all-seeing. (38/18)
118) Krishna is the embodiment of all Gods. (74/19, 86/54)
119) Krishna is the seer of all. (16/48)
120) Krishna is the lord of all. (37/23)
121) Krishna is the stay (Ashraya) of all entities. (82/46)
122) Krishna is all-pervasive and eternal. (9/13)
123) Krishna is the soul of all elements. (86/31)
124) Krishna is the knower of the mind's of all elements. (81/1)
125) Krishna is the soul's self  of all elements. (74/24)
126) Krishna is the inner soul of all elements. (37/11)
127) Krishna is the internal guide of all elements. (47/29)
128) Krishna is the cause of the origin of all elements. (64/29)
129) Krishna is the limit of all Good. (84/21)
130) Krishna is omnipotent. (37/12)
131) Krishna is the lord of Lakshmi, the presiding deity of all riches.
132) Krishna is the internal guide of all. (63/38, 72/6)
133) Krishna is the stay (Ashraya) of all. (40/15)
134) Krishna is witness and seer of self. (86/31)
135) Krishna is the refuge of the good. (80/9)
136) Krishna is most difficult to serve. (88/11)
137) Krishna is the friend of one's heart. (48/26)
138) Krishna is the withholder of creation. (82/45)
139) Krishna is  withholder, creator and preserver. (63/44)
140) Krishna is the master of the  functions of creation, etc. (16/49,
141) Krishna is devoid of  distinction as of kinship. (74/21)
142) Krishna is devoid of  distinction as between kin and alien. (72/6)
143) Krishna indwells the universe created by himself. (48/19)
144) Krishna is the destroyer of the worldly sojourn of His devotees.
145) Krishna is the wearer of body according to His wish. (1/7)

By Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur, from his Foreword to Sree Krishna Chaitanya, Vol. 1, by his disciple Professor N.K. Sanyal.

The references are to chapters and verses of Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10.