Chakra Living


by Garuda das (jr)

Posted September 30, 2006

I have found the best way to get rid of roaches is to do a "maha" clean up of the whole facility at one time, and as you clean, somehow throw the roaches outside, far from their old stomping ground. This answers the non-violence question, but to keep them out the real secret is to caulk any possible crack they could ever hide in using 45 year (or better) latex caulk, as the cheaper stuff can be ate through. If there are gaps too big to caulk, get some packing foam chord (which comes in different diameters) and then caulk the edges of it. If every possible hiding place is closed off (even look upside down under every shelf etc) then by cleaning all areas regularly with bleach (thus killing their own familiar poop scents), the roaches will not take residence again.