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What to Do When Ants And Roaches Envade Your Home Or Temple?

by Kanvadas

Posted September 26, 2006

When ants and roaches invade a home or temple. What to do? Seal them out is the best remedy, but in older buildings this is not so simple. So you may try contact poison which kills them instantly. But you must continue to spray and spray or call in the exterminator and pay and pay.

We recently became invaded by house ants again. So I tried my old trick of using boric aid and it was working but my dad couldn't stand to watch thousands of ants marching all over the kitchen wall to get a my simple bait of sugar water and boric acid. You can buy Raid boric acid killers but they do not work because ants and roaches only eat boric acid in a watery solution.

So I was lucky to find some ants under the sink. So I placed my solution there and let them have a drink and their first drink was more than 1 tablespoon of pure boric acid, which must have killed ten thousands of ants for that is a huge quantity of poison. Boric acid is a slow acting stomach poison which not only could kill ants but humans too. Lethal dose for a 150 pound man is 1.5 grams. So for children and pests it must be placed out of their reach, so if you interested in killing these invaders. You have to use what works and boric acid dies just that even if it takes more than one week to get rid of them and you do including the queen ant because all the ants bring back food into their homes and they all die.

I know all about non violence but what do you do when your home or temple gets invaded. You must act or let them take over. In my youth we had thousands of huge black German roaches and my father would not allow us to kill them, but when he went on a vacation with my mom, my sister and I call the exterminator and he came over with a bag full of DDT which killed them all in one night. I never forget the next morning as I had to do the clean up of one full kitchen garbage can full of dead black roaches.

So I progressed into farming in later life some times I just had to save my crops and use chemicals, but I made sure that they had not much harmful affect for humans. Like use BT on cabbage caterpillars which has no ill effect on humans at all, because it is a harmless bacteria like yoghurt culture.

Here is my recipe for killing all ant and roaches but you must first place in a way that they can get at it. The proportion of boric acid to sugar water is important. If you make the mixture too weak, it won't kill anything; if you make it too strong, it will kill the foragers before they can get back to the queen and deliver the poisoned food to her. We've found the following mixture to be about right: 1 cup water, 2 cups sugar, 2 tablespoons boric acid. You can make a smaller amount-you won't need much-just keep the proportions the same.

- Put little drops or dribbled lines of the mixture on the counter or floor-wherever you've seen the ants. You need to make sure they'll find it. IMPORTANT: While boric acid is far less toxic than most commercial chemical pesticides, you still do not want kids or pets ingesting this sugary but tainted mixture. Take precautions so that this does not happen.