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Talking to the Bees

by Lilesvara dasa

Posted September 21, 2006

I totally agree with Bhaktin Lynne Murray's solution about talking to the bees. Actually what you're doing is praying to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Sri Krsna who is residing in the heart of each and every living entity to guide all of those living entities out of your backyard.

It really does work. One time there were two dogs in my back yard, and I was afraid that they were going to pass stool. I simply prayed to Krsna in the heart of those two living entities, and within a moment, both dogs stopped what they were doing, turned around, and ran out of my yard. It was a quite an amazing experience.

The whole idea with devotional service is to depend on Krsna for everything. We have to be in the mood of helplessness. Bhaktin Lynne said it so nicely, "Have faith and Krishna can do anything".

To take this one step forward, if you ask Krsna in your heart, what is that living entity feeling? You will see with your eyes what the living entity is experiencing when you look at that living entity. Remember, "Face is the index of the mind".

One time, there was a bee trapped in my bathroom. It was really annoying and the poor thing was also very frustrated. So I simply trapped it in a paper cup, and let it go outside. As I was letting it go, I asked Krsna in my heart, "What is it feeling?" Then, when I looked at the bee, I saw jubilation in that bee.

Another time, I was pulling this bush out of my front yard which looked so ugly. I was feeling sad that this living entity will have to take another birth as a bush because I was killing it. So, before I pulled it out, I blessed it by saying, "Because I am about to take your life by pulling you out of the ground, I bless you that in your next life you will take a birth as a devotee".

Then, I asked Krsna, "What is it feeling?" I immediately saw and experienced extreme jubilation in the living entity was in the body of a bush. It was suffering, standing naked in extreme hot and cold weather. I had never experienced such jubilation from a lower species of life.

Lastly, one time in our sad part of Iskcon, a gurukuli had committed suicide in a temple property. And I happened to be at the Sunday feast following week. I asked Krsna in my heart during Kirtan what the Deities were feeling since one of the resident devotee committed suicide. When I looked at the Deities, I saw the Deities look very, very sad. I had never seen Deities look so sad. Then, when I looked around, I saw that the devotees were dancing in ecstasy, and were totally oblivious to the whole mood of the Deities.

In the same way, when Lord Jagannatha gets sick every year, if you ask Krsna in your heart what Lord Jagannatha is feeling, you will see Lord Jagannatha looking very sick.

As I recall, I remember reading that Srila Prabhupada, was one time talking to his friends, trees and grasses, in London.

All of this is possible only if you depend on Krsna, and not get attached to the result of your activity. In another words, right before you ask Krsna, if you say to yourself, "Now I will experience 'this' and 'that'" and get very excited. Then, it won't work because you think that you're qualifed. That is on false ego platform.

Bhaktin Lynne, all glories to you. All glories to your place of birth. You have such a wonderful and advanced realization in serving Krsna. Devotees like you are ocean of mercy and are sent by Krsna to take birth in different parts of the world to teach and save the conditioned souls from ocean of birth and death. It would truly be a perfection of my life if I could take the dust of your lotus feet upon my head.

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