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To Bee Or Not to Bee

by Akruranatha dasa

Posted September 19, 2006

Where I live in Northern California there is an Animal Control organization, I do not know exactly the name or whether they are private or government affiliated, but they have uniforms like park rangers. There might be a similar organization near you.

Once many years ago we had a big wasps' nest right by our front door. We called Animal Control and they came and put a bag around it and removed it without getting stung. I think they did use smoke to quiet the wasps down first. My recollection is they were going to release the wasps somewhere far away from people, rather than kill them.

Another time Animal Control came and removed a bat that had gotten into our home. They are wildlife-friendly people, and there was no charge at all for their services.

With the wasps, I would call a professional and never try such a dangerous task myself. If hundreds of wasps decide to sting you at the same time, look out. Even if you do not have a free Animal Control organization, there are probably professional bee and wasp removers who can help you for a fee.

Submitted by Akruranatha dasa