Democratic, accountable rural communities proposed
by Kanva das
Posted May 27, 2003


K rsna's
R esource
S tations for
N atural
A ccountability

. . . is a direct confrontation against Maya, because it is all truthful and of course we all know that Maya means deceitfulness.

When we examine what has happened in our past history, we are all pretty much disgusted. So what to do?

We could arrange for a truly trustworthy society which utilizes Srila Prabhupada's books to its fullest capabilities, by organizing independent communities, with power to change corporate bylaws by their fully paid membership, where every member is financially bonded by the use of the donation loan system in a lawful binding trust agreement.

A legal trust agreement means a money-back guarantee if not fully satisfied. The trust must agree to pay you back the loan because they are bound by federal and state laws. This is insurance and can be verified by proper legal advisors and bona fide CPAs. In today's world we need 100 per cent protection on all our personal interests.

We need to form new and totally independent nonprofit religious or other organizations, using Srila Prabhupada's books as basis. We need to use a system of popular voting and have written countable ballots that could be easily sent to all members present on the trust land and to all others via e-mail, fax or phone for new laws or appropriations

New prospective devotees should be properly tested with the use of every available modern tool, including drug testing, submitting passport photo, fingerprints, etc., and be psychologically scrutinized by the council members before being admitted to the rural ashram here mentioned.

In addition why not have all books in this new chapter of Krsna consciousness open for the public to investigate, like Srila Prabhupada's books, so that we will not be seen as a bunch of sex abusers, drug addicts or the lowest of mankind. Let them all see and wonder at our honesty, because few other religions in the world would have open books. What's the harm? What do we have to lose? We do not have to surrender all our wealth as before.

The actual cost to be fully insured and bonded by our paid membership and have all options for inexpensive nonprofit medical benefits, along with expert Mexican dental care, would not be much. We could include a small devotee built cottage, with full water rights with adjacent land which could be transferable by prior agreement, etc. There are unlimited possibilities utilizing nonprofit law.

We really should take advantage and not rely on others for our own well being. We must be self-sufficient as far as possible so we can enjoy this life and be free from fear. We should all live peacefully and utilize Srila Prabhupada's wisdom, who declared that all his devotees should become guru and initiate proposals for a better society. We need to create a more open society within our Krsna consciousness movement.

We will definitely need professional help but, before hiring out attorneys, we should become familiar with federal guidelines for nonprofits by reading up in our local library. Then devotees can seek out and carefully locate perfect settings for country ashrams.

Devotees should be wary of realtors, however, who only represent the seller. We need professional farm brokers who can explain everything we need to know about each specific piece of land. Such brokers get paid doing research work for people like us who have little inexperience.

There are many fine details to be understood completely by all concerned; be careful and pray to Lord Krsna for all protection.

(Reprinted from "Free Forum (Announcements")