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Kali Yuga Tree Killers

by Gaura dasa

Posted March 10, 2006

I appreciate Gunamai prabhu's integrity to stand up to any authorities that may not have cared for Srila Prabhupada's trees or bushes in our New Dwaraka community in L.A.

It reminds me of an article submitted by Dinabandhu prabhu regarding a 500 yr old ancient Neem tree that Samika Rsi dasa recently destroyed in Vrndavana, against many warnings.

Premeditated tree murder in Vrndavan

We had just heard from Kishori prabhu how she had once complained to Srila Prabhupada that they were going to cut down the tamal tree in the courtyard of Krishna Balaram Mandir, and he was furious.

Also, they cut down an old tree in the Dallas Gurukula since it was leaning on the roof, and they thought it posed a danger to the students. The next time Prabhupada came, he immediately missed his old friend and asked what happened to the tree. When they informed him, he said, "Just see: this tree has stood here for a hundred years, and in a few minutes you have finished him." He was so furious that no one could enter his room the rest of the day. Yet this tree in Braja was 500 years old!

And finally a quote from Gaura Kishore das Babaji Maharaja about a so-called sadhu who cut a tree down in Navadvipa:

Babaji Maharaja told those nearby, "This atheistic person has informed me that he has cut the wish-fulfilling trees and creepers of Navadvipa. Alas! Alas! Just see! Just see! It grieves us to cut even a solitary dry tree of Navadvipa. These trees and plants are our eternal friends. They assist Lord Gaura in His eternal pastimes. These cruel persons never achieve the qualification to perform devotional service to Lord Hari. By making an outward show of being a Vaisnava, they bring misfortune to themselves and to others as well."