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Turn ISKCON Farms Into Co-Ops

by Gaura das

Posted March 4, 2009

If the farms were run as co-ops (owned and managed by the members who would be devotees), then most initiated devotees would have a place to live and grow food. This also provides a practical way of life for our children which currently isn't so visible. The math of the idea is simple; devotees currently living outside the temples/farms currently pay for their home food etc. could use this money towards a more suitable and sustainable lifestyle without upsetting their work/business interests. we ow either pay rent mortgage or own a house so devotees have adequately finances to live in community and the co-op management system gives security and ownership as well as community the co-op rules/objectives etc can be adjusted to suit the ISKCON varnashram ideas given to us by Srila Prabhupada.

There is also a program called wwoof which provides links to organic farmers with people wanting to gain experience of working on an organic farm theirs wwoof groups worldwide. I have found this a useful source of potential devotee's and work force on a farm project I am running in southern Spain

A lot of young people want to go for the highest ideals in health try new lifestyles and spirituality eating vegan food is high on the list of musts these days with all the advertising about animal cruelty so I think to attract young and discerning people today a good example is set by devotees consuming milk from our own farms only and offering a vegan diet if we don't have cruelty free milk available