Chakra Living

Eco Friendly Dinnerware

by Lilasuka dasi

Posted January 15, 2008

Two years ago a devotee got the idea to create a way for ISKCON to be able to serve prasada with dinnerware that respect Mother Bhumi, is safer to eat from and is in line with our philosophy. The plates, cups and bowls are made from sugar cane fiber and utensils are made from vegetable starch. They are completely compostable and have proven to attract a lot more souls to Krsna consciousness, while saving the landfills and water systems from the waste of toxic one time use products that do not break down. In addition to the GBC deciding to ban styrofoam in ISKCON nearly 15 years ago, it is note worthy that foam products leach carcinogens such as benzene and styrene into the prasada which is then ingested by the person honoring the prasada.

The devotees in Gainesville, Florida have been serving prasada on the local campus since the early 70's. Throughout the years, with the many hundreds of people they were feeding daily, they had never been able break the record and serve 1,000 plates in a day. Last summer the devotees in charge of that program made the decision to use compostable dinnerware and before they could even get started, word got out, newspapers wrote articles about the change and the attendance at their daily feast shot up. Now they serve 1,100 plates a day! In addition to Gainesville, other ISKCON temples such as New Goloka in Hillsborough, NC and events such as the recent Rathayatra in Philadelphia have used compostable dinnerware for a more attractive and environmentally responsible way to serve prasada.

With the attention "green" practices are getting this is an excellent way to attract more people to Krsna consciousness while respecting the environment that nutritious' us .

If you would like to learn more about using compostable dinnerware you can contact FULL CIRCLE Industries at