Cows young slaughtered also impious
by Harry Bowler
Posted January 1, 2003

Re Madhava Gosh, Drinking Milk From Cows That Are Slaughtered Is Impious, for years devotees(forgive my envious nature) have used milk and its products from cows whose calf's are slaughtered not long after their birth.

Devotees (and again) also partake of the vicious perpetuation of the western world cow system, (unless they keep there own cow) as stated in your article.

Over the years devotees have said "its ok for us because we offer the milk so Krishna takes the reaction" or the other argument is "we must be practicle for time and circumstance".

ANY milk or products utilised via this system must be deemed inauspicious and can only be harmful to our devotee communities. Srila Prabhupada Himself comments on this in your article. Many nondevotees have regulary pointed out the hypocracy of the fact that WE TOO support the cow killing industry. It is a very important issue that we cannot overlook. Maybe the Western world system will change (I doubt it) or perhaps we need to change and look at further austerity in our eating practices.

Harry Bowler