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Questions On Milk And Mothers

by Mayesvara das (Ojai, Calif.)

Posted February 20, 2008

Can anyone provide information that supports the scientific benefits of milk consumption? As many of you probably already know, there is a huge Vegan movement in the West, and they are trying to discourage the use of milk and its byproducts based on that the idea that we should not ever consume any cow's milk.

My understanding is that as a rule of thumb Srila Prabhupada advised we take no more than one cup of milk a day, and that children in particular need to get cow's milk to grow. (Some say adults also need it to develop their brain cells.) Is there any research that confirms this Vedic standard?

I am not trying to justify the horrendous factory farming which is currently prevalent all over the West; I think we all agree that must come to an end.

I am simply looking for material to respond to the Vegan movement and the PETA organization, both of which obviously have good intentions. What sound arguments can we marshal to rebut their views? For example, I think it is hard enough to get the average meat-addicted individual to stop consuming innocent animals without giving them the impression that the only way to do so is to eat shredded wheat and soy milk.

I am also hoping someone might be able to tell me where the reference to the "Seven Mothers" came from. Srila Prabhupada often referred to them in his lectures (Birth Mother, Wife of the King, Brahman's Wife, Mother Cow, Mother Earth, one's Nurse or Nanny, Wife of the Guru) but I cannot find where Prabhupada got this particular sutra from.