Srila Prabhupada Kept a Cow
Submitted by Madhava Gosh
Posed December 17, 2002


Bhagavan: There was a question about the cows: At what point should the calf be separated from the mother? Because sometimes when the calf is separated, the mother, she cries.
Prabhupada: No, they should not be taken away.
Bhagavan: Shouldn't be.
Hari-sauri: I think in all our farms they do that.
Bhagavan: I heard in New Vrindaban they took them away very early.
Hari-sauri: The problem is that the calves drink so much milk that they become very sick, so they have to separate.
Prabhupada: Therefore they should not be allowed always. Once in a day, that's all.
Hari-sauri: Oh.
Prabhupada: Not too much allowed, but once. At least while milking they should be allowed to drink little milk, and that will encourage the mother to deliver more milk.
Hari-sauri: Oh. At the same time they're milking the cow, the calf can come.
Prabhupada: Yes. They can bring it milk. And while milking, the calf may be standing before the mother.
Hari-sauri: They do that in India.
Prabhupada: So she will not be sorry. Completely separation is not good. And after birth at least for one week the calf should be allowed. Because after this giving birth the milk is not fit for human consumption. The calf should not be allowed to eat more, but at the same time the mother must see once, twice, then it will be all right. Of course, we are born in big, big towns, we do not know, but I know this is the process. In Allahabad I was keeping cow, there was facility.