Chakra Living

What's Wrong with this Picture?

by Hare Krsna dasi

Posted April 21, 2004

I was quite surprised to hear a male devotee state that he wishes he could be taken care of as well as Mother Cow takes care of its animals. By now, I would hope that most devotees would recognize a flawed cow protection program when they see it.

I invite all Chakra readers to visit the Mother Cow website, and then visit the Minimum Cow Protection Standards (ISKCON Law 507) formulated by ISKCON's Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture -- or my condensed version "Improving Our Cow Protection Programs".

Then please send your article to explaining at least 2 reasons why he might not want to be living on the Mother Cow farm after all. (Bonus points for additional reasons, based on the standards presented in the articles mentioned above!)